OgilvyDo - IBM’s vision for the next five years

IBM’s five predictions in five years looks at innovations from the doctors surgery to the classroom, and paints a picture of a smarter society with data at the centre. You can’t really lose with five-year predictions; if five years elapse and they still haven’t come true, you need only apologise for being too far ahead Read article

Gloo - Between the lines of traditional and digital channels

Every marketer knows that digital channels need to be a critical part of the marketing mix. Something that is less commonly understood however, is how to weave digital technologies and traditional channels into integrated experiences that make the brand more tangible for the user. This is the growing area between the traditionally segmented ATL, BTL Read article

Adlip - Advertising and Digital Agencies Race to The Centre…

Abey Mokgwatsane discusses the race to  ‘The Centre’ which, in his words, is “ … the centre where all communication mediums and channels are integrated into one cohesive, coordinated, meaningful campaign”. He elaborates by setting the scene for South Africa’s  marketing space, where there are two predominant and too often separate streams of thinking and Read article

OgilvyDo - A Fresh Start

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON OGILVYDO.COM — This is the first in a year-long series of posts on the growing movement toward unified purpose and authenticity in enterprises—a movement that the author, Chris Houston, calls Telosity. These posts will lay out a new system—and system of thought—for business in a series of interlinked narratives. We’ll see the Read article

Adlip - Watch: Pete Case on Ogilvy merger & Future Model for Advertising Agencies

Watch what Pete Case, co-Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather South Africa (Founder and former CEO of Gloo Digital Design), says about his motivation and what it means for him and to Gloo. “It’s an incredible time in Gloo’s history and confirms an ambition of ours for a long time, which is to continually Read article

David Furlonger - OGILVY/GLOO MERGER: Digital to the core

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON FINANCIAL MAIL —   IT HAS all the attributes of a takeover but Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) SA and Gloo Digital Design say their business arrangement, announced this week, is a merger in both spirit and practice. O&M SA chair Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke says the deal will allow her group to entrench its Read article

Stuart Thomas - Pete Case on Gloo being acquired by Ogilvy: ‘this is us getting even deeper’

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON VENTUREBURN — The big news in the digital agency space this week is the acquisition of Gloo by Ogilvy & Mather. It’s a massive coup for the WPP-owned communications agency. Getting your hands on an agency that has been named Digital Agency of the Year every year for the past seven years Read article

Gloo - Sean Donnelly on Bridging the gap between IT and marketing

  The most successful businesses of the near-future will be those that succeed in bridging the traditional gap between marketing and information technology, digitising their marketing processes to deliver more personalised and seamless experiences to their customers in the process. That’s according to Sean Donnelly, group managing director at Gloo, who says that the rise Read article

Gloo - Pete Case on Interruptive Marketing is Dead

  Marketing directors and CMOs have experienced a decade of rapid change, thanks in part to the explosion of digital media and digital technology. While this wave of change has included the dramatic ascent of mobile and social media, I believe there’s far more radical change to come. Change that will directly affect the way Read article

Ogilvy One - Ben Evans on Winning the race to the middle

  The digital marketing arena is a land full of opportunity.  Consumer adoption of emerging technology is busy broadening and deepening this landscape. I recently had what I would consider one of the best jobs in the world, Head of Digital at OgilvyOne in London.  However being in this role in a digitally mature market Read article