Success today is no guarantee of success tomorrow. The future belongs to those who are bold enough to disrupt the status quo and current approaches. The challenge is to keep changing or be changed. Evolve or lose relevance. Disrupt or disappear. Satisfaction leads to stagnation. Divine discontent is the lifeblood of truly creative companies.

Ogilvy SA and Gloo are two companies that have created success using this mantra. Both companies are ambitious. Both companies believe in the power of great ideas. To shape minds, To make markets, And move people. Both companies are South African success stories, rooted in our country, rising from small entrepreneurial beginnings.

Both have been winners on the global stage. Both companies know that to win in the new post-digital age requires meeting many challenges. Solving true integration. Exploring new ways of creating and delivering dynamic content. Embedding digital everywhere. Being able to engage the customer in every critical moment.

Today, that journey begins. Today, two South African pioneers become one. Tomorrow isn’t crystal clear, but it is undeniably different. Tomorrow belongs to the bold. To those who learn their way forward. It’s not about having all the answers, it’s about having the appetite to keep questioning the norm. So from today, Ogilvy and Gloo will stand together as one. We’re the birth of a new generation for a new era.

We are Generation O, and we’re about to spearhead the revolution.

Welcome to the face of the future.

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